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Smart Light Switch, Wi-Fi Wall Wireless Tempered Glass Touch-Screen Switch.


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Smart Light Switch, Wi-Fi Wireless, Wall switch, Tempered glass touch-screen.  Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home; Control your fixtures from anywhere. Timing & scheduling functions. No hub required. Overload Protection.

 Neutral Wire Needed.  / Energy Class A+


Reviewed version 1-way White.   

Sold by MAMYOK on Amazon UK


There are 4 things to check before getting one of these. 1: You have access to a 2.4Ghz network. 2: You have a neutral wire in the switch back-box. 3: The back box has sufficient depth for the device.  4. And if you don’t know what you are doing, get an electrician.  Be safe.




I am a big fan of these so called ‘Smart’ devices, I have numerous plugs around the house, though this is my first light switch.  The switch itself is standard size and rated 10A.  It is lovely to look at. The front plate is glass with a single touch sensitive switch in the middle. There’s also a little network icon to the top that shows connectivity.

These switches can be operated from your mobile phone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  Timers and Schedules can also be set up.    They also operate as a normal light switch.  The switch arrives in a retail box, containing the switch and some instructions.

This is a 10A switch, much like conventional switches.  This one is a single way, but they are available in 2 way, and in a multiple gang configuration.




The switch itself is standard size and is lovely to look at. The front plate is glass with a single touch sensitive switch in the middle. There’s also a little network icon to the top that shows connectivity.   8.6 x 8.6 x 4 cm.  

If you know what you are doing, installation is easy.   However, that are several things you need to check before commencing.

Firstly, the switch does need a neutral connection. Your home may not have one in the switch connection box.   Turn off your electricity and check now.  If you don’t then installation is a bigger task and you will need a sparky.




Clearly; The neutral wire goes to ‘N’, the permanent live goes to ‘L’ and the switched live goes to ‘L1’ .

Next, you need to check the depth of the connection box,

you will need at least 35mm. Note the wires enter the switch at the rear of the unit.




If your back box isn’t deep enough, you could use spacers. These can add 10mm.

To remove the front plate, place a small screwdriver under this middle tag then push and twist.  Be careful here, for me this was the hardest bit.  The screwdriver action dislodges the two tags to the left and right. The other end hooks in.

Once installed it does look great.  The network icon glows a soft blue when the network is connected. The centre touch switch glows blue when on.




Most modern routers have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz but will prioritise the 5GHz making it a pain to setup these switches.   It is easily resolved; for example, on a “Sky” router, simply log on as administrator and un tick the synchronising checkbox.  Give the 2.4GHz or the 5Ghz network a different SSID name and save. Most routers will have a similar option.



ensure you have access to a 2.4GHz network





Remember, if you don’t know what you are doing. Get an electrician.



I use the eFamilyCloud app, which is different to the app suggested in the instructions.  Though the supplied app does work well.   As far as I can see they are almost identical.




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This device available at AMAZON UK


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