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Vention HDMI Switch. 5 Inputs x 1 Output. Supports 4K, 1080P & 3D. c/w  IR Remote Control.


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This is a simple to connect and operate HDMI switch box. Operation is faultless across all the inputs, using any source, from 4K, 1080p or 3D. 

It can be controlled from a physical switch on the front panel or from the supplied remote control. This functionality could also be applied to your learning remote control. 

4 inputs are on the back of the switch to assist in cabling, though as you know cabling can be a nightmare no matter what switch you use.  This is a decent switch at a fair price point.


This is a HDMI switch made by Vention purchased on Amazon UK.

This switch is a 5 by 1 device.  Allowing upto 5 HDMI sources, but with 1 output.

The switch is advertised as supporting support 4K pictures along with traditional HD at 1080P and 3D sources.  My configuration has mixed 4K and HD inputs and displays.




In the box, is the device itself along with a simple remote control, a USB power cable and product documentation.  The device itself is tiny. Only 10cm wide. It is lightweight too Ė more on this later.

4 of the inputs are to the back, the other is on the side. 

The output is on the opposite side along with the power in jack. The supplied cable is short, I would have preferred a more common micro-USB cable, as my spares box contains a number of these in various sizes. A longer replacement cable could easily be sourced on amazon or eBay if required.




On the front, there is a select button, the IR receiving port, a display showing which device is selected and a power on led.  The LED is quite bright, so you may choose to cover this.  In use both the remote control and the select button worked well. 

The supplied remote is simplicity itself.  Simply press a button.   If you select a dead source, nothing will happen.  With both the remote and the select button, there is a short pause when the input is changed, while the device figures out what itís doing.  This is not disruptive to the viewing.

Not the longest power cable,




As supplied all the sockets are protected with these covers, Iím only using 3 sources so opting for 3 on the back.   Keeping the other covers in places is probably a good idea.

  Pull the piece of plastic out of the bottom of the remote control to enable the battery.

Cabling in place.  But as hinted at earlier, as the box is small and lightweight, the weight of the cables has the box leaping everywhere. There are no mounting points. Heavy duty Velcro keeps this and my other devices where I put them.

Everything in place and all working.  Over the weekend, Iíve tried all the sources and both my displays.  Operation has been faultless.   Picture quality is great.  






This device available at AMAZON UK


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From my point of view, the only this missing from this device is an audio out.  That would have helped me a bit.






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