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Wall Mounted Bathroom Toilet Roll Holder.Anti-Rust Aluminium

with Mobile Phone Storage Shelf by Homemaxs


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Bought this as it didnít look as flimsy or sharp edged as others on sale and was not disappointed.While aluminium is light weight, this is a solid lump of the stuff.The smooth buffer bar round the shelf adds to the class and removes the issue of any sharp-edged ledges. Being aluminium, it is easy to clean and resists corrosion and stains.


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The shelf has a nice deep lip to it, so any contents wonít slip out. The shelf area within the lip is approx. 170mm x 113mm, with rounded corners to the front.

Fitting is easy, with plugs, screws and screw covers provided. Simply line up to the wall, ensure it is level and mark the drill holes through the back plate.It can even be disassembled to facilitate this, but note, itís well made, and the screws are tight.







I attached it to the wall with super strong double-sided tape (sold on Amazon or any good DiY store), I just roughed up the aluminium surface on the back to assist the grip.

A Lovely item that looks great when up. Recommended.

This item available at AMAZON UK


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