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FREDI HD 1080P Wifi connected Camera. Baby Monitor. Nanny Cam.

Wide angle IP camera. 2 way audio.


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This is a cute and unobtrusive camera.  It can sit in the corner of a room without being out of place.  As a nanny cam you may want to disguise it a little and maybe cover the flashing green LED.   Though as a baby monitor, the LED could provide comfort to your little one. 

As a baby monitor this little camera excels.  The picture is clear in both daylight and darkness. It detects movement and alerts you. It also allows both way audio.  

Depending on your phone, it can be a little heavy on the battery, though while at home, you would just attach it to a charger.   If you access the camera when you are out and about, it does warn you if you are about to use your mobile data for connectivity.  This is a good thing as 1080p video would eat your data allowance.



While a static camera, it does have a wide viewing angle  - around 185 degrees, with IR night vision, 2 way audio and motion detection recording.

Supplied in the box is the camera itself, Some easily understandable instructions

A UK 13A power supply. A micro-USB cable approx 2 meters long.

Some screws and raw plugs.




It runs from a 5V USB plug, which is supplied

The supplied micro-USB cable is a decent 2m long.  This could determine the location

camera, as it does have to be permanently connected.  The cable could be replaced by a shorter one or a longer one, of suitable quality.

The power supply is reminiscent of early apple ones, though this is rated at 2.1A.  Any suitable USB power supply would do, so long as it supplies enough power.




The camera is on its own stand, which doubles as a mounting bracket,  The manufacturer has supplied suitable screws and plugs to facilitate fitting.  Though the camera is so lightweight - double sided tape would probably do.

Before you start, you should read through the little manual, especially the bit about the 2.4GHz network and the required phone app.





The camera is cleverly designed to look like a little bear or perhaps a star wars droid.  With ears, eyes and a nose.






It stands some 12cm high.  It could easily be hidden amongst toys or books.  You may like to put a small piece of black tape over the green LED, if you want to be covert.

If you are using a memory card, insert it carefully here in the top. Upto 128Gig cards

are supported.  Use a class 10 card.    The system will work without a memory card,

though motion detection videos won’t be saved. With the card in place, the camera will

save any movement it detects to the card.  Overwriting old recordings if necessary.

Power is fed to the camera at the back.  When switched on, the camera takes a few seconds to get started.  Wait until it actually says, "Camera Ready".





Download the app to your phone and run it.  It'll ask a couple of questions, 

email address, camera password, camera name etc.  These become your security credentials.

 It'll also ask for your WiFi password.   If all is well, it will connect in

about 15-20 secs.





 The device does need a 2.4GHz network to connect.  If you have a modern router that is dual band, you may need to unbind the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz in the router config. This is a very simple thing to do. 


Most modern routers have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz but will prioritise the 5GHz making it a pain to setup these switches.   It is easily resolved; for example, on a “Sky” router, simply log on as administrator and un tick the synchronising checkbox.  Give the 2.4GHz or the 5Ghz network a different name and save. Most routers will have a similar option





all in all, a decent bit of kit for the price point.













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This device available at AMAZON UK


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