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Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.


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Foldable Bluetooth keyboard – by Moresain.


Very pleased with this little keyboard.  Connected easily to both my “Samsung S2 Tab” and to an “Amazon Fire tablet.”  Simply enable Bluetooth & scan for devices. Then press for a few seconds the button on the keyboard.  The tablet will see the device ID, then display the keyboard name.  Select it, and you are ready to go

B047 Pocket keyboard.



Now obviously, this isn’t a full-size PC keyboard, but it is a joy to use.

Better than some laptop keyboards I have used.




The keys have some travel, about 5mm. This gives the keyboard a positive feel in use, mistypes are rare.

All they keys are there, and where you would expect them too. Though it is embossed in US layout.

The function key gives access to common tasks like volume controls.





It’s only some 14x10cm folded, so takes up minimum space in your bag. It would also slip easy into a tablet sleeve without stressing the tablet or the sleeve.

It arrived part charged, and I gave it a short charge while playing with it. This has kept it going, without issue, for the last 3 days light use.






It is supplied with a short micro-USB cable, but any similar cable you have would do, so you may not even have to carry a separate cable around.

B047 Pocket keyboard.  Recommended.



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This device available at AMAZON UK


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