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SIMBR Automatic Extension Reel. 10m. 13A. 3 Sockets. Thermal Cut-out.


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While quirky looking, this is probably one of the most robust and practical extension reel Iíve used.It is solidly made, with the heavy-duty cable fully enclosed within the casing.The auto retraction system works well, and in numerous uses over the weekend has never snagged or failed.††



At the plug end thereís a lump of plastic that prevents the plug hitting the reel.

Useful for pulling out the cable without having to use the plug itself.††† The big black button will auto rewind the cable.




It is always advisable to fully extend any extension reel before use.

Itís also fitted with hook eyes; Iíve now fitted heavy duty hooks next to the sockets I would normally use this on.

By hooking the eye to the hook there is no stress on the plug itself if the cable is pulled. Note, on the plus side, the sockets do not rotate when the cable is pulled.†††








3 normal sized plugs fit okay.If you have an odd sized plug top or a plug with the cable exiting on the top, it may snag on other plugs.





This is a good sized unit.

The extension reel is supplied in a protective box








Well designed and practical. Recommended.



Available at AMAZON UK


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