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Premium 4K HDMI Cable.   2M High Speed HDMI Lead.  2.0a/b.    from BOYB


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This cable does look and feel very high quality, certainly more than the price suggests.  And a worthy upgrade to the standard HDMI cable that comes with many devices.  






Premium 4K HDMI Cable.  2M High Speed HDMI Lead. 2.0a/b

Professional HDMI to HDMI Lead Cable for 4K Ultra HDTV,

Support Full HD /HDR, 3D, SKY HD.

Plus ARC, CEC, Ethernet.   Compatible With TVs, Computers, PC Monitors , Laptops, PS3/4, Projectors ,Blue-ray ,DVD-Players,  Xbox.


HDMI 2.0 / HDMI 2.0A/B      4K @60HZ

Supports x. v. Colour and Deep Colour, DTS®-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, DTS / Up to 32 speakers (audio channels).




The cable is about 8mm thick and is nice and flexible.

100% pure oxygen-free bare copper.   28AWG.

The plugs are 24K gold plated, though the grips show every fingerprint






I initially tried this between my Nvidia graphics card and a iiyama monitor and it performed faultlessly.  I then tried it on the cabling between the TV box and the projector and again no issues.  Now given my projector has been fussy about cables in the past I was most pleased.  For day2day use though it is back on the PC.



Good cable, awesome price.







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This device available at AMAZON UK



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