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NI100 OBD Diagnostic Scanner and Code Reader by THZY


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OBD Diagnostic Scanner NI100 by THZY

Diagnostic scan tool, Car Fault Code Reader & Battery Health Check Tool.


This is not a tool that I have used before and so was very pleased with its presentation and ease of use.


It arrived retail packed, and as such would make a great gift for your piston headed friends

The screen is easy to read (backlight), and the terminal can be used onehanded. The menus are simple to navigate with just your thumb.




 Included are simple instructions and a short USB cable.  This initially fooled me to its use.  So was happy just to use it to power the handheld terminal to tinker with the functionality.  It is useful for doing fault code lookups away from the car, and btw, its real use is for software upgrades.

The cable is a standard Mini-USB cable so you can use a longer one if you have a spare.

This is the type of tool you should buy before you need it; so, you can dig it out when the car gives that worrying splutter. 





Away from the vehicle, it is possible to look up error codes, etc. 

An obvious error message when trying the diagnose function while not connected to my car.




If you know the error code then enter it direct onto the terminal.

Code entered, the fault diagnoses appears.

Plugging it into my car (06 plate ford focus) brought up additional menu options.




  I had purchased this to look for error reports on my electrics, but happily it showed no such issues. I just need a new battery. 

The reporting was comprehensive and clear.


10 Modes of OBD2 DIAGNOSTIC: the NI100 OBD scan tool reads and erases stored emission-related codes and pending codes. Show the definition of the codes.  Check and turn off the engine check light (MIL).

Can read Vehicle information including VIN, CID and CVN

Displays live data stream with a real time trouble code Lookup library.

Many applicable models: In accordance with 5 protocols: ISO 15765 CAN, SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 14230-4 KWP2000, and ISO 9141-2 .It is suitable for all OBD2 vehicles: manufactured in North America since 1996, manufactured in Europe with gasoline since 2000, with diesel since 2004, and most 12V gasoline and diesel vehicles manufactured in Asia.









This device available at AMAZON UK


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