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Teoyall Stainless Steel Ruler Kit


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Stainless Steel Rulers

Teoyall metal rule precision kit including 12 Inch, 8 Inch and 6 Inch rulers.


While plastic rulers have their uses, metal ones are considerably more useful in a hostile environment. For running a blade along to get a nice clean cut. For precise measurements. For being durable and robust. This lovely set ticks those boxes.


These rules made by Teoyall are well made and clearly marked.

They are engraved on both sides, and both sides are identical with CM to the top edge and Inches to the lower edge.




Each rule is supplied in its own plastic sleeve.

Stainless Steel; 12, 8 & 6.






These are quality tools and a very good price.






Clear and precise marking.
















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This device available at AMAZON UK


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