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Toptrek USB Rechargeable WaterproofBicycle Light


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My first bike light had a pair of ĎDí batteries and a screw in 3v 3w bulb. It illuminated the front wheel, and that was about it.It did lets cars see you were coming, but only when they were about to run over your head.†† Times have changed.This is a mighty powerful bike light (or just a hand-held torch if you want), it throws out some 500 lumens of light, which is around the same as a 40W house light, for upto 3 hours.


Not only does that let the cars see you, but it produces a decent amount of light 20m ahead of you.



Low Power Indicator Function -- For front light, the indicator of on/off button turns red when the power remaining 20%.




USB Rechargeable & Waterproof.

The bar clamp is easy to fit and provides a solid fixing, thereís a rubber liner to facilitate this if required.The light unit slides on and is removed my pressing the clip.

Fits most handle bars with diameter up to 28.6 mm

Also works well as a pocket torch.




It has 2 low settings, less bright, but longer lasting.These throw a vertical or horizontal beam, depending on your preference. The high setting combines these into a prevailing light.There is also a flash setting, when itís mostly on, but dims a bit, every second, to draw attention to your bike.

American branded CREE LED. Ensuring best balance between light intensity and power consumption.







Battery: Custom Li-ion, 3000mAh/3.7V/3W

Lumen: 500 lumens


Run Time: single light=6 hours

Run time: twin lights=3 hours


Waterproof: IPX5

Weight: 168.5g

Size: 93.3*57.8*30.5mm



Bike Light:

Toptrek USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light.

Waterproof IPX 500 Lumen CREE LED Twins Front Light

StVZO CE ROHS Approved.



StVZO bike lights - what it is really about ?

It came with almost a full charge, and charges quickly enough overnight with the supplied micro-USB cable.The cable is a tad short, but you probably have longer ones lying around in drawers if needed.







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This device available at AMAZON UK


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