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Blackspur BB-IL102 Mains Inspection Lamp (Kingavon)


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This lamp was purchased on Amazon UK.While advertised as Blackspur the lamp I arrived in a Kingavon box.Though it does look identical to the one shown on the Amazon page.


This is a well-made and very useful lamp from Kingavon.Despite some poor reviews, regarding the build quality, the lamp I received was perfect. It has a heavy duty moulded 13A plug, fitted with a 5A fuse.The lamp-holder is correctly wired up, with all the connections neat, tight and suitably protected.†† 5 meters of orange cable reaches everywhere I need to go with this, without getting overly tangled up.



Lamp arrived well packaged in a strong presentation retail box.

It is a typical size for any inspection lamp.The bulb is protected by a simple but strongwire cage.





Model Number: BB-IL102

Item Weight: 689 g

Package Dimensions: 40 x 10 x 10 cm


Bulb fitting: E27


240v mains inspection lamp.




It does take a large screw bulb (E27), though that isnít clear in the description.I fitted a LED bulb, which should be robust enough for my day2day use.††††







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This device available at AMAZON UK


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